Interview with creator of PlayingColor!

Hello adult coloring fans! In this week we have exclusive interview with creator of PlayingColor cards! A coloring revolution that allows you to relax and color by releasing your inner artist, then laugh and play as you share them with your friends and family.

Q:First of all tell us little something about yourself. 

My name is Claire and I’ve just turned 20. I’m a graphic design student living in Sydney, Australia. As you can probably guess, one of my hobbies is colouring! I also like to spend my days exploring nature like going on walks and I LOVE museums. I’m addicted to them! Constantly checking them out whenever I can 🙂


Q: How did you start to color? When did this attraction begin?

Well, I did a lot of colouring when I was growing up. My family didn’t have much money to buy me toys so we’d play with whatever we found. One day when I was like 4 or 5, I found a lovely colouring case outside filled with pencils and from that moment on, I started colouring. I kept colouring till middle school when I sort of lost interest…. There really wasn’t many colouring books out there then and with all the technology available, I had other things to play with. Wasn’t till like 3 years ago I rediscovered colouring again and now I’m seriously addicted.

Q: So by my opinion you have an amazing idea. A coloring playing cards! When and where did this idea come from?  Tell us everything! 

Ooh this is a fun story. Well, late last year, I was with a friend of mine and we were playing cards together. This was around the same period when the colouring craze REALLY hit the news and everyone was talking about it. Whilst we were playing, he asked if there were any colouring playing cards and I quickly checked to discover there were none! I was honestly really surprised. I thought it was a really fun idea and before you know it, I was busy thinking of designs. He kept motivating me to continue this idea and he has been a gem by helping me with PlayingColor. Like he’s been doing all the production, supplier search and the website stuff. We’re a great team!

Q:Which patterns you find most enjoyable to put on your coloring cards?

Honestly, I tried to put as many Mandalas as I could and a few zentangle elements. I really wanted something clean, symmetrical yet intricate enough to provide variety when colouring.

Q:How long does it take to make a card deck? It’s 52 cards!

Well it took me nearly 1 year! Each card took roughly 4hrs to design, edit and finalise. However, the actual search for good paper for colouring AND playing card quality has been the really hard part. That’s what really took up most of my time.

Q:How do you prepare before coloring? 

Honestly, I just go with the flow. I do however like to have music in the background to reflect what I’m feeling like Jean Michel Jarre for abstract designs, ABBA or disco (don’t judge me haha) for happy colourful designs or even like Pink Floyd for clean, calm designs. Even ASMR sometimes is beneficial for me when it comes to colouring!

Q:What are your favorite supplies for coloring? Do you always use the same or you like to experiment with it?

Oh I’ve been using pencils mostly. Keep it classic 🙂 In terms of brand, it’s usually [easyazon_link identifier=”B008PWOP9W” locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20″]Koh-I-Noor[/easyazon_link] as that was the colouring case I found and because of that, the brand has sentimental value to me. Although in my recent colourings, I did occasionally use[easyazon_link identifier=”B00VY9U9W0″ locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20″]Staedtler Triplus Fineliner[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link identifier=”B000TR84AC” locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20″]Faber Castell markers[/easyazon_link] and they were lovely too.

Q:Do you have special techniques and color mixes that you’d like to share with us? Any tips and tricks?

Honestly I’m the last person to ask about techniques haha. I really don’t have any mixes or tips but I do have one trick. Take a photo of your blank colouring page and colour it in on your computer so you can test your colour schemes before you take the plunge with pencils, pens, whatever! I always did that because I hated that feeling of regret when you realise you made a mistake with the colour scheme.

Q:Do you have a favorite coloring book author? How did he/she earn your admirations?

Surprisingly I don’t really have any favourite colouring book author. In terms of colourists, there’s too many to name but the ones that I do follow on Instagram are some of the ones I look up to! They just make my jaw drop with their stunning visions and colours.


Q: If you could choose one of your finished coloring card which one would it be? And why?

Oh it’d be tied with the Diamond and Club Ace, and the Joker. The reason for those two aces is simply because they were my first designs and I just love them. They symbolise to me the beginning of this exciting journey. The Joker on the other hand was just a fun card to research, design and it’s an absolute joy to colour too!

Q: What would like to see more in adult coloring book world? 

Hmmm good question. I’d love to see possibly a surrealistic style of colouring books. Something Dali-esque? I feel that’d be an amazing colouring experience.

Q:What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you?

I want to launch these cards and hopefully get them selling soon. If people love them and buy them, I’ve got two new design ideas for cards. One will be a geometric zentangle style and another will be a very minimalist but striking deck.

Q:And last but not least, where can we find your coloring playing cards?

This is my site

However, I will be launching Kickstarter on the 18/19th of October so you can find the cards there temporarily for 11 days. After Kickstarter, I’ll be selling them soon on my site.

Link to: Kickstarter

To keep updated, best to follow my Facebook account:


So, adult coloring book fans is this a new coloring book trend?  Let us know in the comments below…