What’s Colorplaner all about?


  • Colorplaner is the kind of „all in one“ websites – we unite coloring pages you can download for free, adult coloring book collection if you like your designs classy-looking, coloring book community where you can exchange ideas and gallery where you can see some of the most beautiful artworks & find some inspiration. You can also find some helpful discount links so you always find the best price of your long-wanted supplies.


What’s our goal?


To provide happy coloring! Destress your mind and make you feel good with this simple activity which takes your focus back on track. You can find more about its health benefits here and if that’s not enough check these pages:



What kind of content can I find here?

– Besides all the mentioned above, we’re having interviews with colorers from all around the world and share great tips & tricks, videos and advice.

How do you make your designs?

– All sketches are made out of THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY DIGITAL COLLECTIONS using Photoshop. We thought it would be nice to see the history colored in today’s world of coloring.


Can I share my finished coloring  pages?

Of course! We’d like to see our b/w designs come to life! Don’t forget to tag it with #colorplaner so we can see it and give you a chance for a shoutout.