Tips to take great coloring page pictures

Read on to find out our favourite adult coloring Instagrammers’  tips for taking that flawless coloring page shot…


There’s no denying that you are just about to double tap that coloring page picture on Instagram, after you see how lovely it is. However, you must recognize it has to have that tiny one thing that creates it pop. We examined a number of the foremost likable adult coloring book photos on Instagram to search out their secret…


Daniel Feathers Montano – being different is every artist’s advantage!

Keep it simple. Do not over-style things! Content is king – you can be the best artist within the world but if the coloring page is not nice, don’t bother. Once you’ve got one thing worth shooting, think about your lighting. Shadows, poor lighting and night time are the enemies of a decent picture. Always have the light away from you so you don’t interfere it. If you’ve created the coloring book picture have confidence presenting it.

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Linesbylauren – I like to arty hard

Soft, natural light is best. . Always try and shoot your photos throughout the day time. If you’re at home take photos by the window if possible. Choose the design and composition of your photo: top down, forty five degree angle or super close up. Manipulate with negative space (the space in between and around objects) and use symmetry or the rule of thirds to structure and balance your pictures. Once styling your table (or surface you’re taking image on), add parts that evoke the mood of coloring book page. Something like flowers, specific pencils you used or whatever you discover most associated with the image. Tell a story through your posts by finding your personal style – you may give a simple story for your coloring book page, share a fast tip, or share a private story or memory.

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Think of yourself before your audience. Color what you think that is nice, not what you can get you likes. As long as you aim for substance over style within the content you post, you’ll develop a distinctive signature. Be enthusiastic about researching what colours blend, techniques and tools help you get that additional look, however do not go broke. An expensive piece of pencils like Fiber-Castell may sound like a smart investment, but maybe you simply cannot get them to work for you. Begin little and grow over time – turning into an professional takes patience and there’s always one new thing to learn. There are several great accounts for adult coloring books, however establishing a degree of distinction takes some practice. Finally, use the Instagram editing tools to correct, not enhance, the photo. After all a phone camera does not ‘see’ the world just like the human eye!

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Sofia Pilar? Mandalas, Amigurumis and other things

Keep in mind how your entire Instagram feed appearance gives an impression. That is the when people decide whether or not to follow you – if the pictures don’t flow nicely… It can look like a little mess. To attain this, shoot against a regular scenery. Stick to your style for your account.

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Don’t spam people. Restrain yourself from uploading each lovely coloring page you create or see. Fewer and thoroughly edited is better than dozens on a daily basis. Take as several snaps, then select the most effective one – do not take pictures straight from Instagram. Take it from the professinonals – it’s better to edit picture than using the filters. Filters tend to mess up a coloring page. Rather use crop, brighten, contrast and saturation.



Edit lightly. Instagram’s inbuilt filters will cut back the quality of the image instead of enhancing it. Always avoid flash – flash form phone always creates an unpleasant artificial look and the coloring page looks unappealing. Overhead shots are often easier to take and look nice on Instagram. Most significantly, do not take all this too seriously. Instagram is supposed to be fun.

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Good photography comes right down to a decent eye. Many of us assume they’re smart at taking photos of coloring pages, however few of them are. It’s merely your perspective of the world. Instagram is a method for individuals to present the world through their eyes, therefore be as honest as you can be. It’s ought to come naturally to you.

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Shoot from the side. Overhead shots of coloring pages look nice, however it is also pretty to add some of the background scenery into the shot and add context. If you discover some new places take the shot at a slight angle so you’ll be able to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings.

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Keep it real. If you’re shooting outside, take the snap with the sun behind you, it will highlight the coloring page and obtain all the gorgeous details. Yellow tones will make the image look dated and bleak, therefore to counter this, drop the warmth and increase the saturation within the self-edit options. A little tip I will provide you with is to clean your lens before you begin snapping. A fast buff on a lens will create all the difference to the clarity of the image.


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