Interview with endofourcomfortzone

Read on to find out who is behind your favorite adult coloring Instagrammer. Meet endofourcomfortzone…


Q:Can you tell us a little abut yourself?

My name is Anna and I am 25 years old. Currently I am a University student in my last semester, hoping to be a teacher one day.
I really like art, languages and nature (whenever I find time I go cycling or walking outside). My other hobbies are reading, scuba diving and doing sports.
Q: How did you start to color? When did this attraction begin?

I always liked drawing, painting and art in general. When I was younger I spent a lot of time drawing, but the older I got, the less time I found for my hobby and in the end I didn’t do it at all anymore. Last year I decided that it was time to change that and I started again. I mostly did watercolor paintings, but I liked it so much I wanted to draw and paint all the time. I started taking pens and paper to university and as I obviously couldn’t bring watercolor to class, I started with the zentagle inspired doodles and mandalas. I really like listening and drawing at the same time and I feel like I even concentrate better on the lecture 😉


Q:Do you use coloring as a small getaway from the real world?

Yes, I do. Now I do it to relax and whenever I’ve got time.


Q:Is coloring time-consuming? How often do you color on a weekly basis?

This depends so much on the week. Sometimes I don’t draw at all, other days I spend hours at my desk. I actually spend much more time doing the outlines than coloring (I create all designs by myself).


Q:How do you prepare before coloring? 

Usually I don’t prepare at all. When I have an idea I just grab a piece of paper and start right away, but of course there are some days I celebrate it more than others, listening to music and drinking tea while drawing.


Q:What are your favorite supplies for coloring? Do you always use the same or you like to experiment with it?

I usually use [easyazon_link identifier=”B00ATBRJRC” locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20-20″]Stabilo pens[/easyazon_link]and [easyazon_link identifier=”B00HH32BH8″ locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20-20″]markers[/easyazon_link] as they proved to be my favorites 😉


Q:Do you have special techniques and color mixes that you’d like to share with us? Any tips and tricks?

I wish I had, I think I could improve a lot on blending and stuff…



Q:Do you have a specific “signature” in your art?

I do all designs I color by myself. I start with a white sheet of paper and anything you see in the end is made by me.

I didn’t use a watermark or signature until now, but sadly I have to start doing so. It happens way too frequently that people just repost my work (sometimes as their own, sometimes just without a source) and that’s really frustrating to see. I spend a lot of time on it and then people just steal it.


Q:Which books and patterns you find most enjoyable to color?

I tried coloring in an actual colorbook once but I prefer creating the whole things. I like doing mandalas and I also enjoy animal/pattern drawings like the seahorse I posted on Instagram.


Q:Do you have a favorite coloring book author? How did he/she earn your admiration?

I think the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LY8ZMF2″ locale=”US” tag=”color-planer-20-20″]Erin Condren color book[/easyazon_link] is really cute, as it is quite different from other works I saw.

Q:And last but not least, where can we find your artwork?

Until now only on Instagram (@endofourcomfortzone). The name is a bit strange for a drawing account, but I started it thinking I would post photos of my other hobby (cycling) haha. Now I feel it’s too late for a better name.

Are you already following Anna on Instagram? What’s your favorite design? Let us know in the comments below…