How to create and publish your coloring book

In this course, you will learn how to create and publish your coloring book.

You will need

Tools you will need:

Adobe Photoshop (paid) or (free) or GIMP (free)


Createspace account


So you decided to create your coloring book. I will start from scratch. First, you will need a coloring page made by yourself or royalty free pictures downloaded from the internet.

For my coloring book for adults, I decided to download pictures from THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY DIGITAL COLLECTIONS since I don’t have experience in creating coloring pages.

Here is the link:


Make sure to check box to search only for: Search only public domain materials. This means that you can edit and manipulate pictures however you like and not worry to get legal charges.

After searching for keyword flowers I found a little picture I want to edit.


This one looks already colored and really nice. There are some pictures in black and white already to pick the one you really love and think it will look nice to be colored.

Download the best possible version of the picture. I choose High Res (TIF format)


If you already have your own coloring page take a picture with your phone or scan the picture. You must take picture top down because it will be easier to edit and resize and generally manipulate the picture. And you can skip next paragraph.


    1. Thank you ade txlu. I hope this tutorial helps you to make your own coloring book for adults. If you have any other questions don’t hasitate to ask.

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