Cute Happy Mothers day woman and baby background. Vector illustration layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring.

Coloring Gift Ideas to Inspire and Motivate

We’ve compiled some creative and inspiring coloring gifts for the colorist iin your life. Whether you’re looking for a gift for Mom, someone else, or a reward for yourself, these items well appreciated. Whether it’s a book, supplies, or pages, coloring gifts are a lovely way to show your giftees that you support them in their endeavors (and that you get why they disappear for hours on end with colored pencils!)

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Coloring Mug

It’s fun to have coloring inspiration right on your coffee or teacup. Whether you’re into coffee and creativity or more into sipping tea while you mull over the perfect palette, a mug is a perennial and useful gift.

Gifts From the Animals Japanese Coloring Book

This beautiful animal coloring book is challenging and can yield museum-level results. Get down into the details here.

’90s Coloring Book

Relive the ’90s, from clunky cell phones to gel sandals with this easy-to-color book. Design trends now are nostalgia for the ’80s and ’90s. Colors then were bright and contrasty.

Canvas Pencil Wrap

A canvas pencil wrap is a perfect organizer for art-on-the-go.You can also put other stuff into it, of course. Keep it under wraps so your boss doesn’t see what you’re doing!

Coloring gifts are great all year around.