Interview with creators of DroodleBooks

Hello adult coloring book fans! I know you are so in love with coloring that you’ll just love DroodleBooks. Planning is a very stressful job and I know that this could be just the thing to relieve it. Read on to learn more about this professional and quality made notebook designed just for us. The colorers.

Q: First of all tell us little something about yourself.

  • My name is Natalie and I’m the Social Media and Community Outreach Manager here at DroodleBooks. I was brought on to Team Droodle by our CEO/Founder, Andrew Easton. Andrew is a Los Angeles native whose desire to adventure has taken him around the world.His international exposure, coupled with his undergraduate and graduate business degrees, has enabled him to think broadly and strategically about businesses and products. For a decade, Andrew only fiddled with his burning desire to be an entrepreneur. Student loans forced him to be risk averse, and he maintained a corporate career in finance and strategy consulting.

    Over the last year, Andrew took the entrepreneurial plunge, leaving his steady paycheck and opening up a product venture firm. DroodleBooks is his latest project.

Droodle books

Q:We love Droodle books here at Colorplaner. Where did this idea come from? What inspired you?

  • DroodleBooks was inspired by the adult coloring craze and by watching working professionals “doodle” all over their hand-written notes. We saw the need for a multi-purpose notebook that incorporates the creative, stress-managing elements of coloring with the professional benefits of a typical notebook.

Q:How long did it take to put together Droodle book?

  • Months of designing and planning went into launching DroodleBooks. Team Droodle wanted to make sure we were picking unique and diverse designs that all of our customers would love. Additionally, DroodleBooks makes sourcing and quality a top priority, and the materials and construction of our notebooks exceed that of our competitors.

Q:How many people is in Droodle book team? How does your workplace look like?

  • DroodleBooks is a small business, but we are looking to expand our company as well as our product line. Right now, Team Droodle consists of six employees who all work collaboratively and creatively together.

Q:Droodle books looks quality made. What materials did you use in creating Droodle book and why?

  • These American-designed notebooks are made and imported from Germany (a critical decision when examining quality and precision). Each notebook contains 160 lined pages made of the highest quality recycled paper and includes 20 unique designs strategically sourced from artists across the world. The illustrations are placed at the top of each page in order to inspire creativity while leaving space for the everyday note-taker. The pages are bound in an A5 notebook with a vegan leather hardcover, and added features include an elastic pen holder and bookmark.

Q:What challenges if any did you face in creating Droodle book?

  • Balancing the budget of a small company and prioritizing product quality are not easy tasks to accomplish simultaneously. A lot of companies will source their materials/products from cheaper manufacturers in order to increase their profit. However, after designing our product, it was crucial to us that Droodlebooks were source from a quality manufacturer. Doing this can be challenging while also balancing the company’s budget. However, thanks to the team here at DroodleBooks, we were able to pull it off.

Q:What is your favorite part of Droodle book?

  • Our favorite part of DroodleBooks is the fact that our designs come from artists in different parts of the world. With our backgrounds in traveling and exploring the globe, it was important to us that we create a globally diverse product and incorporate our own traveling experience into a project that we felt passionate about.

Q:What can we expect to see inside of Droodle books? What kind of illustrations can we color?

  • Each page has a design located across the top heading. There are 20 unique designs that include cacti, pizzas, bicycles, fun patterns, animals, ect. We can’t give it all away because half the fun is flipping through the pages!

Droodle books

Q:In your opinion why is your planner different? Why would Droodle book appeal to coloring book fans?

  • Everyone makes lists, everyone takes notes, and everyone writes things down — even coloring book fans! Our notebooks combine these two things. Working professionals, students, stay-at-home parents, and anyone in between can benefit from de-stressing while maintaining productivity with a DroodleBook. They’re different because they’re fun!

Q:Describe Droodle books in three little words

  • Adult Coloring Notebook

Droodle books

Q:What can we expect from you in the future?

  • DroodleBooks is looking to expand our product line. In the future, we’re going to offer different colors of our notebooks, source different designs for the pages, and even design other stationary products like notepads and planners.

Q:And last but not least where can we find your Droodle books?


So colorers what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below…