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Day Drankin’ Press Book Giveaway


Three different WINNERS will get this whole collection of all 6 of Day Drankin’s hilarious adult coloring books. Winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter software.

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Thanks to Ryan Jett at Day Drankin’ for this awesome prize! Click to read our super-fun interview with Ryan and more about DAY DRANKIN’ PRESS!




some interior art:
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Celebrity Mugshots

People of Walmart

Hater Cats

We Shall Overcomb: How to Survive the Presidency of the Angry Cheeto

Dog Shaming

Awkward Family Photos

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  1. I love these books because they make me laugh. I color when I am in a bad mood or stressed to help me relax, these make me relax just reading them!

  2. Well I learned something new today. Instagram is not user friendly. I just spent 15 minutes trying to repost the picture before figuring out you need a second app for that. Boy do I need some adult coloringbook stress relief now! Hahahah.

  3. i would like to win because these books look hilarious. would defiantly be good for stress relief.

  4. I’m a little on the sassy side and these align with my personality! They’ll be fun! Traditional adult coloring books are relaxing but laughing helps release stress too. I can guarantee I’d get a few good laughs while coloring….it’ll be hard to stop long enough to stay in the lines!

  5. I like these coloring books because they are hilariously entertaining! I would have a blast with these!

  6. Oh I love these. I think these would be so wonderful for those hard days…gives you something to relax and laugh doing! 🙂 Great stress reliever!!

  7. I like Day Drankin press because they make coloring books that really do relieve stress by making people laugh!

  8. I love these books because I love to color and I love a good laugh! The perfect combination!

  9. I have never seen these books before but they look like a lot of fun to color in. I love coloring it helps me with stress and helps keep my mind off of my pain.

  10. “Comment why you like Day Dranker books!” I love the beautiful designs with underlying humor! I especially like the cat book!

  11. These books are unique and entertaining. I love to color but it does not always have to be flowers!

  12. Oh my goodness, these are hilarious! We’ve been doing an adult coloring group at work during lunch, and I think my coworkers would love these!

  13. I would love these to color and laugh at after a long day at work! What a great way to unwind!

  14. How could I not like Day Drankin Press? This is what my entire sense of humor would look like on paper!!

  15. I like them because they are unique and provocative. Some of them make you think and some of them make you laugh!

  16. I thought adult coloring was about finding your inner peace and then I found Day Dranker books. When I saw “People of Walmart” I couldn’t stop laughing. The books really made me see that there is a little bit of Walmart in all of us.

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