How to create and publish your coloring book


Making your picture look like coloring page

In this chapter you will learn how to make this:


There are many options for creating your pictures like coloring books.

Option 1.

If you have Photoshop this video will explain everything. It’s not that hard to follow the instructions and it’s really quick.

Option 2.

For the ones on tight budget and GIMP are free options. Both software are easy and have plenty of plugins to edit the picture right way.

Tutorial for

Tutorial for GIMP:


Of course, it will need a little tweaking depending on what option you choose. To get the picture right try everything. But as you can see on tutorials the biggest problem is adjusting the levels of blur and levels of color saturation to get that pencil drawing feel.  It’s not something you get right at first try. It comes from experience.  So try and play with it to get it right.


If you don’t have the time for that there is:

Option 3.

The fastest way to convert your photos to coloring page

Go to :

Upload your picture and choose options from the menu and you are finished under 1 minute. It’s fast and easy but there are some problems. Max upload size and the price of 1.50$ for the picture.

Option 4.

And you can do it on your smartphone too:

Try: colorscrape for iPhone :

Or:  Sketch Guru for android:



So we have one picture.

Now we must decide what size our coloring book for adults will be.

I would recommend 8.5 x 11 inch since it’s so common and most of the coloring books are this size.

But you can choose for yourself. The only thing that matters now are margins.

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      Thank you ade txlu. I hope this tutorial helps you to make your own coloring book for adults. If you have any other questions don’t hasitate to ask.

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