Adult Coloring Books for Men: our Top Ten

Adult Coloring Books for Men: they exist, dude, and they rock!

“Prithee, why are there adult coloring books for men?”
“Because, m’lad, we like to color as much as the lasses do.”

Why are there separate adult coloring books for men?

Isn’t it a free country, where anyone can color what they wish? Of course it is. But the fact is that men are sometimes reluctant to use things they see as “feminine.” And most adult coloring books, which often featuring flowery patterns and animals, can be perceived as aimed at women.

Men need de-stressing just as much as women do, but women have more outlets. Yoga, massage, spiritual retreats…  men participate in these too, but the ratio is far from equal.

Many amazing adult coloring book artists are men, so they understand what to put into adult coloring books for guys. The art in men’s coloring books is often mind-blowing. So what do men like to color? Is it beer, booze, and broads? That’s part of it. But there’s a surprising variety.

I spent hours combing through books to find adult coloring books that could please a male partner, friend, dad, grandpa, uncle, son, brother, nephew, and teen boy. Some are hilarious. Some just have amazing art. And let’s not forget… muscle cars. Here are Color Planer’s top picks for the best adult coloring books for men.

Doodle Invasion

Kerby Rosanes’ work is bound to please those who enjoy sci-fi, space, and humor. You could spend hours trying to find all the things in these 50 pages of doodle art. The amazing detail, adventure stories, worlds within worlds, and sci-fi vibe by Zifflin (writer) and Rosanes is sure to get a guy diving into galaxies of color.

Check it out

Did someone say mechanical Hadron Collider mandala? Fantastic Machines harnesses the energy of retro and futuristic machinery in a coloring book perfect for men who geek out on the inner workings of things. 58 pages of art rev up your senses. Retro and futuristic meet here. Pinball, airplanes, space stations, and circuit boards bring out the artist/enginer in you. Beautifully illustrated by bestselling author/artist Steve McDonald.

See this bad boy

#DADLIFE: A Manly Adult Coloring Book

Arr, matey. What’s more manly than carrying the heir/heiress to the throne in a flowered  baby sling? Dads everywhere will hide in their man caves for hours with this tongue-in-cheek coloring book of fatherhood.

Be a colorful dad

American Muscle Cars, 1960-1975 (Dover History Coloring Book)

Peel out

Artist Bruce LaFontaine’s perfect renderings of 44 legendary Muscle Cars puts you in the driver’s seat for a trip down memory lane. These were the coolest rides you could cruise in in the early 1960s and ’70s. From the T-bird to the Trans Am, relive the Mad Men days with these most macho vehicles. Each is shown in a setting such as in a neighborhood or business district. The book includes captions with interesting factoids.

The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book

One does not simply lay down pigment

Fans of the fantasy series no longer have to settle for watching its sumptuous colors on TV–now they can put them on paper. Meticulous, intricate drawings capture the universe of Game of Thrones. Famed illustrators including Tomislav Tomic, interviewed on our blog, contributed art. This book is a collector’s item with 45 exclusive pages. So guys, get out your red and gold pencils and dive into fantasy.

Color Me Drunk: A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book

Put on your beer goggles

This hilarious drawing/activity book even comes with a set of beer goggles. It has coloring plus more, so might be the perfect gift or coffee (beer) table book. Activities include decoding drunkenly sent texts, doodling regrettable tattoos, drawing a straight line drunk as well as sober, and “Wino Bingo.” Color Me Drunk is a perfect way to while away that hangover or night in the slammer.

Colin Thompson Funtastic 72-Page Adult Colouring Book (Ravensburger)

Blow your mind!

This whopping 72-page book brings the art of Colin thompson, prolific writer and illustrator and one of the world’s top puzzle artists, to your home. It has grayscale art, giving the images extra dimensionality. Designs are on both sides of the page, so you may want to stick with colored pencils. The binding is not glued, but sewn, so you will be able to lay it flat. Amazing architecture, machines, and more. Check out all of Thomson’s works!

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book (Zenoscope)

Like comics? This book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales has a bunch of sexy ladies drawn by top Zenoscope comic book talent. Truly a treat for comic book lovers and men who like a bit of sauce with their fairy tales.

Peep at “adult” fairy tales


Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth

Artist Nicole Lorenz has grabbed this cool humor trend by the horn. Filled with rainbows and irony, it will make your man learn to love purple fur. It’s also great for people who aren’t into coloring complicated designs. Better than a Starbucks Unicorn frappe.

You’ve got to face reality

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